Saturday, November 28, 2009


Listen to BARON SATURDAY by The Pretty Things.

You can only really blog this song on a Saturday, can't you?

That's fine, because I've been thinking a lot about David Bowie today, and the Pretty Things remind me a lot of him. I couldn't tell you exactly why. It's either because Bowie obviously owes a lot of his Ziggy-era sound to this group, or maybe it's because I first heard about the Pretty Things from some interview where Bowie himself was talking about how important an influence they were on him. (Though I may be imagining that interview.)

It doesn't matter -- you can play this track and hear for yourself why one might hear it and think of Bowie. This whole album, "S.F. Sorrow", is a real classic and you should buy/download it as soon as possible. It's the third and least-well-known record recorded at Abbey Road in the early part of 1967 (the other two being "Piper At The Gates of Dawn" and "Sgt Pepper's")

The band has some great earlier tunes too, that you can hear on the Nuggets II box set, among other places.


Friday, November 27, 2009


Food Beer Cigs
Listen to SOMETIMES I MAKE YOU SAD by Supergrass.

I'm still thinking that a Britpop Christmas CD would be a fun idea, though I haven't done much about it except write the occasional blog post. The other day, though, I did go back and listen to my old Supergrass tracks.

And while I don't think this particular track is significant enough of anything, I sure do like it!

Happy Friday, hope you've got a long weekend going on instead of a bloated day at the office (like me).


Monday, November 23, 2009


Church of the Nazarene
Listen to EUPHRATES by The Main Ingredient.

Corbett was asking awhile ago if I knew the Main Ingredient, but I forgot to reply to his text. The answer is, Of Course! Euphrates is one of my all-time favorite R&B jams, and I spent a lot of hours last winter trying to squeeze it onto the 2008 Christmas CD, before I finally decided to keep that one a little older and rawer. Not smooth, like the Main Ingredient. Happy Monday, roll on Tuesday...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


West Village
Listen to THE TIME IT IS TODAY by The Association.

One more to tide you over for a few days. Is it just me, or was the Association semi-heavyweights in the classic rock canon, but now they've been relegated to a couple of tracks on oldies stations? I'm not in a good position to judge, given my total lack of interaction with conventional music-playing (ed: do you mean "I don't listen to the radio much," robot?), but this particular song I heard a lot when I was younger but I don't think I've heard it anywhere for years, except on my iPod. Just a (dumb, inarticulate) theory.

Unless John jumps in, this'll be it until I get back from Oklahoma on Sunday, at the earliest. Unless, of course, Liverpool loses on Saturday -- in that case I'll be iPhone blogging to get our next song up here!


Monday, November 16, 2009


Listen to WE'LL MEET AGAIN by Vera Lynn.

Rest in peace, Grandma.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Long Cold Look
Listen to SHE TOOK A LONG COLD LOOK by Syd Barrett.

Is there anything more to this song than the first line? You know what I mean? It's the only part I really remember. It stays with me. A bunch of his songs are like that. They start with a great line, and then kinda meander. But you only really need that first great line. Not that there aren't other great parts too, just sayin'. Such as: (some reader knowledge assumed here)

"She was long gone long long gone."

"Lucifer Sam, Siam Cat."

"It's an idea someday"

"Wined and dined oh it seemed just like a dream."

"Trip to heave and ho, up down, to and fro" (to be fair there a bunch of great lines in this one...)

"In the sad town, cold iron hands clap the party of clowns outside rain falls in grey far away, please please baby lemonade" (okay some other great lines in this one too!)

"Yes I'm thiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiinking"

"Maaaaaaisie." (Okay maybe that's not such a great line! Great delivery though.)

So concludes half-baked Sunday evening blogging.


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Seaview Hospital 17
Listen to CARE OF CELL 44 by The Zombies.

I could scarcely believe it when I checked, and there had never been any Zombies featured on this blog. So I want to play my favorite song, and the best one at that.

Today was a nice day. Perfect weather, and listened to the Flaming Lips and Syd Barrett. Took a bike ride to Staten Island. Lunch in Soho outside with the girls. Good times!


Friday, November 6, 2009


Soho Morning
Listen to REACHING OUT FROM HERE by The Boo Radleys.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned doing a Britpop compilation, and Corbett, John, and I have started trading song ideas. The best part being not knowing for sure if a suggestion is serious or a wind up -- we listened to a lot of borderline ridiculous music back then. Part of the charm I guess.

I'd certainly like to stick the Boo Radleys on anything to do with that period. I like the group a lot (though I'm not a "real" fan because their stuff from before Wake Up! tends to bore me), but I started listening through their songs and it's striking how few of them stand on their own. Like, as a single, or something you could stick on a mix tape. Most everything they did have strange interludes and appendages. Part of the charm I guess!

Reaching Out From Here is just about the straightest tune they ever released, so enjoy it and your Friday


Monday, November 2, 2009


Listen to LIMELIGHT by Carioca and His Cuban Percussion Orchestra.

I can't really tell you much about why I decided to blog this, except it never fails to put a smile on my face, a spring in my step. I guess it does have a sort of post-Wes Anderson movie soundtrack potential, but let's not think in those terms. Just a pleasant way to spend a couple of minutes, in exactly the same vein as Xavier Cugat, and leave it at that.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone (But You'll Lose to Fulham)

Listen to YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE by Leon Haywood.

Happy November everybody!

I honestly don't take great pleasure in these Liverpool posts lately. The YNWA series is supposed to be an occasional good-natured poke in the ribs, not a bi-weekly event!

That said, this is a nice snappy version, so at least it's good to listen to. Leon is from Texas, and is probably most famous among my generation for being the man behind the sample that drove "Nothin But a G Thang." See if you can spot the similarities in this one.