Monday, December 18, 2006


TRIPOLI by Pinback.

This is another 2006 story. You take your friend's hard drive and dl 10,000 songs onto your iPod. And then you actually listen to those songs and find stuff you like... like this.

We don't know the first thing about Pinback, and Tripoli doesn't much sound like a 2006 song. It's not. It a 1998 song--as in, hey check out what I just got off Napster! sort of song. It's all there, the name (Pinback?), the indie boy pose, the incredible kitten scratching solo.

But Tripoli showed up on our iPod and we've played it more than almost anything else we've gotten. It's got that trick where the vocals come in pretending to be the lead but they're not, the mumbly guy is singing some lovely stuff, plus the kids are playing with so much enthusiasm like it's a 1963 song.


Photo: Coney Island, 2004.



stevie B said...

Loving the mix guys...Always had a softspot in my heart for was a Godbey recomendation to me a long time ago. The 2001 "Blue Screen Life" is a pretty solid indie record..

But more to the point, hope that you keep the blog up till at least the 28th, as I'm loving it, but I'm off to Pitt for Xmas. I would hate to miss the end of this wee audicjourney.

All the best to the two of you and Merry Xmas to all y'all.

Bill said...

Thanks! The post was slightly facetious. I have a couple of their records that I like quite a bit.

Inshallah the blog will still be here next week and beyond. We may even continue it but nothing firm yet.

Happy holidays!