Wednesday, December 13, 2006


COLORADO by Grizzly Bear.

Colorado is a stereoscopic little masterpiece. The first half of the song is little more than a sketch, intelligently arranged to showcase the mournful overtones and warm ambience intrinsic to the sound of Yellow House.

The second half (joined to the first with Protools and an oboe solo) is the same sketch played over again, but at a slightly different emotional intensity. Now the arrangement favors the ensemble playing, and the band no longer broods but transcends.

Grizzly Bear (to whom we referred last week) has been one of our favorite bands this year. We saw them earlier this year at Bowery Ballroom and would happily see them again. Colorado is the closing track on Yellow House (naturally one of our favorite albums of the year), and really sums up what they're all about. Enjoy.


Photo: Killington, 2002.


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