Friday, April 6, 2007


LONG, LONG, LONG by Elliott Smith.

This is simply one of my favorite artists covering one of my favorite songs. There's something I don't understand about Elliott Smith, in that his legacy and reputation don't seem adequate to his accomplishments. Which is strange to say, because he was certainly well regarded; but when he died, to me, it should have been a national day of mourning. It hit me hard enough at the time, but every once in a while, it even hits me hard again. I think this is just a function of listening to the music itself, which is so often so broken and desperate. I don't know. Of course, Smith loved the Beatles and here he's covering Long, Long, Long, wherein George wrote Miss Misery the prototypical Elliott Smith song, basically.

I'm off to join Amy up in Maine for some wedding planning. Enjoy your holidays!


Photo: Downeast Drilling.


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Anonymous said...

From Mom - Have a great time in Maine, kids. Wish I was there!