Friday, April 13, 2007


POCO A POCO by Chetes.

Our last Spanish-language pop song is another Beatlesque offering, this one more in the slightly countrified Traveling Wilbury style. Poco a Poco is a sweet little tune that gets by on a friendly singalong chorus and an ascending vocal part leading into said chorus that I like a lot. Overall, I think the song is helped along by being in Spanish, because it adds a bit of differance to what would otherwise be a fairly straightforward (if not mundane) offering.

Wikipedia tells me Chetes is a big star in Mexico, very active, so keep an eye out for his next record.


Photo: Empire State sunset (3).



Anonymous said...

I had kind of hoped your would have pulled something from Al Green in honor of his birthday, but seeing its latin week...
Go you reds!

Bill said...

I had a little Al Green week in February