Sunday, May 24, 2009


Listen to IT'S OVER by Los Dug Dug's.

Not a bad time to play more Los Dug Dug's. I had someone write in saying they had been looking for Yo No Se forever and was glad we had it. Happy to oblige! There's more out there, just so you know!

I'm kinda disturbed by the news that Jay Bennett has died at 46. I'm pretty sure he led a much, much harder life than I did, but his specific recent complaint--that he had had been too hard on his knees, ignored them in the vain hope they'd 'fix themselves,' to the point he had destroyed his hip joint and needed a total sounds vaguely familiar. Anyway, it's also timely in that Corbett had been provoking me into giving Wilco another listen, Wilco being a band I've found incredibly annoying ever sense Bennett left. So now instead of listening to the new Wilco album, I'm going to play "Being There" instead. Peace to his family.


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