Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Listen to THE PLACID CASUAL by Super Furry Animals.

Here are two things I'm not: Placid and Casual. Maybe once upon a time, or maybe even next weekend, but not right now. At the moment, I'm wound pretty tight. There are few more boring things than talking about work (except maybe throat-clearing introductory phrases about how you're not going to talk about work), so let me tell you about my weekend in Chicago without talking about why I was there.

It went something like this: terminal, bus, car, (traffic), hotel, (look at documents), restaurant, small talk, work talk, (look at more documents), go to bed, wake up, lie back down, get back up, go on a walk, lie back down, get up, breakfast, work talk, go to big office building, sit in conference room, small talk, work talk, nervous talk, (sit in other conference room), impassioned talk, sit in conference room, waiting, history talk, work talk, eat lunch, waiting, talking, waiting, talking, go back to hotel, go upstairs, go back downstairs.

Okay, that wore me out just typing it out and I'm only at 5 PM Friday. The rest was a little more fun but no less tiring.

The Placid Casual shouldn't be new to many of you, but hopefully you'll greet it as a long lost friend, which is always a nice thing to do.



Penny said...

Abandon the rat race!!

You won't starve.

John said...

Where's the YNWA post? (I'm conditioned by now)

bill said...

Well I've been avoiding soccer websites so I couldn't see our score (don't tell me!). I haven't seen your score as a result, but don't worry, I've got one ready to go!

Jen Lamb said...

Shame on you for not looking me up while in Chi Town. Don't do it again (unless you were at my hub's law firm)

bill said...

yes, sorry, it couldn't be helped though. i spent 90% of my time inside a room, inside an office building(not your husband's though, since it wasn't in a law firm per se)