Monday, September 7, 2009


18 August 1
Listen to STONE IN LOVE by Journey.

We went to Ned and Jeralyn's wedding this weekend. From what I remember, it was a lot of fun. On Sunday morning, we went to breakfast and I drank a large orange juice first, then had a full breakfast, plus a side of bacon extra. After breakfast, we went back to the hotel and Amy volunteered to drive some friends to the train station. I stayed behind. Instead of going back in the hotel, I decided it would be a good idea to take a nap in the grass. I managed to find a good spot, but then I looked off in the distance and saw a KFC/A&W restaurant. I thought maybe I was still hungry, so I walked over there. At first I ordered some chicken, but immediately changed my mind, so I asked for a large root beer float instead. For some reason, it took a few minutes. And then, when they brought it to me, it was gross. I was lukewarm. I don't know how you ruin a root beer float, but they did. I threw it out. Then I decided I would walk over to Walmart and see what was going on there. Right by the entrance, they had a claw game, and I tried to get Amy a Pikachu doll, without success (I also spent a couple of bucks failing to get an OU mini-football). Then I wandered around. I decided to buy some new shoes. Then I went over to the CD section and looked around. I looked over all of the $5 CDs, and couldn't decide whether to get Jerry Reed's greatest hits, or "Escape" by Journey. I settled on "Escape." About that time Amy called and said she was back from the train station. So I left Walmart and walked back to the hotel. And that's how this song got to you.



Penny said...

Your inner Okie is coming out.

Corbett said...

Those combo restaurants are the problem. How can one place be expected to make good fried chicken and root beer floats?

That was a really good story, by the way.

Amy said...

and then you went to
had a Gatorade
and a burger Dave made
walked to the ground
to kick a ball around
with Ned and John
and got your posse on
felt better in the end
from, just a friend

bill said...

a poem!

Anonymous said...
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bill said...

It said something like,

"From the pleasures of the most pleasant ones that are most rare. Most, the best perfume in small vials. Throw yourself your case with all my heart and soul, but look especially good if this case. Reasonable chasing so it is good, but for the fact that eliminates otnepriyatnostey. All Russia is drinking Hamlet."

Laura said...

Good story! I guess this walmart didn't have a snack bar? I was hoping you were going to buy a slushie, popcorn, and a hot dog for 50 cents. I like how you bought shoes though.

John said...

I can vouch that the Journey album did not disappoint.