Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hopin' my karma ain't comin' back here to harm me

That's the way it usually works: the first leg decides the tie. The Arsenal have such potential to be a great team, but for now we can't score goals. We absolutely battered PSV but we didn't make chances our forwards or our midfielders could finish. Alex was immense for PSV. And the Dutch had a dead cert penalty not given against Denilson (who really is going to be some player). So, a year after living the dream, it's over for a year. Now, it's off for beers and the Beach House / Grizzly Bear show.


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Anonymous said...

soonergooner is sure there was more satisfaction had at the concert than the game. I think we were fortunate this year to get as far as we did, for this is surely a team in transition, with too many key injuries to boot. Sort of cold mutton that, but there it is. It does seem we are a bit overdrawn at the bank of karma. Hope these past coupla weeks squares us....