Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Martin, Dog of Danger

...Speaking of Martin, she nearly got me into trouble. While I was wishing her a happy birthday on the blog, with the Arsenal match on replay in the background, I was wondering why there was a helicopter hovering over our building. When I took Martin downstairs for her evening walk, I found out there was an armed man on the loose that did this up the street from our building. We are happy to report that we survived our walk.



Anonymous said...

anongooner sez that game was the def of fugly. good news, sooners had open scrimmage, can you say d e m a r c o ? scary seeing how close that incident was to yall. glad you had superdog to protect!

Anonymous said...

Mom says - I was concerned about that because it was so close. If Martin had been there, she would have taken down the killer and been featured on all the talk shows for the next few weeks.

Bill said...

Just crazy. I was walking home on Prince while it was actually happening--apparently some bullets made it all the way down there! LINK