Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lord knows it happens all the time

I started to watch this morning's match at Anfield before I remembered that Arsenal's season ended a few weeks ago and there wasn't really a match at all. My bad. So I turned off the TV and took the dog for a walk instead.

Took another trip to DC Friday and it was an opportunity to finish another book. This time I had tons to do for work but fortunately I only had a few pages to finish, but that also meant I could spend a little more time on those few pages, savor them, whereas usually I'm speeding through right to through the end. The Intuitionist (that's the book) gave me bad dreams and daydreams all week. I missed a stop on the subway wrapped up in it. It was a pleasure to read.

It's billed on the cover as 'the freshest racial allegory" since Ellison's and Morrisson's best stuff, which had me a little wary, but I shouldn't have been. The allegory comes through, but not at the expense of humor, or genre play, or a dozen enjoyable little things that built into and onto the book. It's not a heavy-handed lecture at all. None of this is to say there but it's a good novel and Recommended.

Here is part of a passage I really liked and am saving for my own reference at least.

Another mid-tempo number begins. The ballroom is appreciative. Without knowing when, she has taken the lead from her partner and now she guides their steps. His eyes are closed and she sees the small brown bumps on his tight eyelids. It is safe here in the eye of the storm. Outside, down the stairs, out on the street, the city retreats under abgry wet assault, high pressure. Low spirits out in the city tonight. It came unexpectedly. The news said a little rain, that's all. Not this. The sewers are full, the gutters are drowned and disgorge litter, doctor's bills and bank statements, they float higher, to the sidewalk levees and over them. The citizens pull the shades back and wait for the end.Lobbies and delicatessen floors are wet now.

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