Monday, March 12, 2007

Reigning Sound / The Ribeye Bros. at Southpaw

Corbett and I caught the Reigning Sound out in Brooklyn Sunday night.

First up were the Ribeye Brothers, who neither of us had heard of before. But we really liked them, which was a nice bonus. If you're interested in aggressive, drunken British Invasion tunes, I'd check them out sometime. Reigning Sound were next... but not Mary Weiss, who we had gambled on seeing there. But I did get a copy of the album they're releasing in a week or two and I'm listening to it as we blog. So putting aside the disappointment of not seeing the former Shangri-La play her first gig in New York since who knows when, we took in the rest of the set. I have three of their albums, but had never seen the band live before, and it was a trip. Out of those three albums, I only recognized about four of the tunes, because the melodies were nearly obliterated in speed and volume. Quite amazing, as I said, but even more remarkable was the crowd. A hard core of 15-20 people up front were ape sh*t for the band. They knew every vocal, pogoed constantly, and called out favorites incessantly. Very impressive, and a little intimidating! Catch Reigning Sound WITH Mary Weiss Tuesday night on Conan.


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