Monday, June 11, 2007


I'M THE GREATEST by Ringo Starr.

This evening we're blogging with Journey ringing in our ears and Gordon Lightfoot picked by the iTunes gods to entertain us while we think of what to write. After the Sopranos ended, I, like scores of thousands of others, switched over to the NBA game to see if Cleveland was making a game of it. And like scores of thousands of others, I'm now looking for something else to do!

I'm the Greatest is the closest we ever got to a Beatles reunion. But you'd only need about 16 seconds to figure that out. First there's John's distinctive prickly rhythm guitar. And when Ringo sings, that's two. And finally, at 16 seconds, you'll immediately recognize George's fill. Also, Klaus Voorman does his Paul imitation. Billy Preston's on organ. John sings some backup (and plays a solo himself), the Sgt. Pepper's crowd makes an appearance. It's the greatest.
And all I wanna do! is boogaloo!


Photo: Soho, yesterday.


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