Wednesday, June 6, 2007


WA MULUENDU by Masanka Sankayi + Kasai Allstars featuring Mutumilayi.

This is the opening track from the Congotronics 2 compilation (Congotronics 1 being the Konono No. 1 album that made a bit of a splash in 2005. A bunch of us saw Konono play their first New York shows a year or two ago).

You know if I'm posting a song called "Wa Muluendu" it must be good right? It is, so good. This one gets straight to the point: junky overdriven instruments weave in and out of a really nasty rhythm. The call and response vocals fill in the rhythmic cracks, keep you moving, moving. They lock in around 2:30 and then if you've given it any chance you've got no chance. Then it's over. Tout puissant.


Photo: RFK(2).


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