Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I MET A LITTLE GIRL by Marvin Gaye.

This story is so familiar to me I thought I had blogged about it before. Back during sophomore year, Jimmie brought home this Marvin Gaye album that had just been remastered and re-released, and until then, was pretty much completely unavailable. We had heard it was a "difficult," "spotty" album, but put it on with great anticipation. And were still blown away.

Even now my favorite Marvin Gaye album, "Here, My Dear" has to be listened to to be believed. The short story is that in Marvin's divorce settlement he was required to give half of the royalties from his next album to his ex-wife Anna Gordy. So in a total f*ck-you move, the album Marvin recorded was a blistering, bitter, highly-detailed (and extremely self-serving) account of their marriage and divorce.

I Met A Little Girl is early in the record. It's mostly sweet, sensitive and faux-sensitive, in a doo-wop style. For the most part, the bitterness is tamped down on this track, but (especially if you know the context), it still peaks through and is more effective for it.


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soonergooner said...

Glad everyones visit to Montreal went well. A good weekend to be drinking heavily. A gooner update, maybe?

Bill said...

Yes, thanks. Update? Not sure what to say. Au revoir Titi...

Also, I fixed the dead link. The song works now

john said...

Funny, I saw Jimmie's picture on your wedding site and a few hours later reached for the Belle album - another one of his treasures.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is! And that's what I was thinking of, another post of me talking about one of Jimmie's sophomore year purchases, here