Thursday, September 11, 2008


Listen to BALLAD OF BIG NOTHING (DEMO VERSION) by Elliott Smith.

"He often walked around subway tunnels when he first was here, which is not good," says Swanson. I remember a specific conversation where we both talked about New York, because we both really liked it in the middle of the night, that this place was really great in the middle of the night, all the energy was still here but the people were mostly gone, but there were still people around. I remember times if he was working on music or something like that, he would just leave for a couple of hours and just listen to what he'd been working on. I think it was part of--I think a lot of what he like about here is that he could walk around by himself in the middle of the night listening to his Walkman and be part of something and not be a freak. ... I think part of it was that here he never felt like a freak."

Photo: All is forgiven (4).



Corbett said...

An absolutely perfect pop melody--Reminiscent of all the best qualities of A Hard Day's Night.

bill said...

Happy to agree with you on that.