Thursday, September 4, 2008


Listen to I LUST U by Neon Neon (feat. Cate Le Bon).

Hi there from Blog Post #500 (!)

I Lust U one was one of the singles from the Neon Neon project, released in or around March. It even has a video. Check out how comfortably Gruff inhabits these sound textures, which are so different from the sound of the Super Furry Animals, except for, I suppose, the shared commitment to Pop.

Hope you enjoyed the tunes, the first short week of Fall, and say Hi to Jason tomorrow, who will be posting for the last time before his month-long trip home to Oz.

Photo: Downtown at dusk (sunset?) (2).



john said...

Where were these tracks when I was lost in the Furry wilderness?

How's the rest of the album?

bill said...

The rest of the album is strong. Surprisingly good. I could've picked almost any two tracks and been happy to share them.