Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Listen to KEEP IT WARM by Flo & Eddie.

Today's selection is a bit of a rough fit for "psych pop." In truth, it's "meta psych pop." I'm not stretching when I say this, as you'll discover when you listen to it. Almost every line and musical phrase in 1976's Keep It Warm is an allusion or reference to the previous ten years of musical history.

For those of you who aren't deeply familiar with the writers of the Strawberry Shortcake theme song, Flo & Eddie are Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. Kayman and Volman were members of the Turtles, who had a million hits in the 60s you recognize but don't know. They then joined up with Frank Zappa, and sang back-up on T-Rex's "Electric Warrior." So, a long and interesting career.

Keep It Warm is a curdled classic, having as much in common with Steely Dan at their most cynical as it does with incense or peppermints. But I love it too much not to get it up on the blog at the earliest convenient opportunity.

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uncle billy said...

Got to see flo n eddy live in the fairgrounds, maybe 70-71. In keeping with the times, I cannot remember for whom they opened. Always loved the turtles and had a big grin after hearing this pair play...

john said...

That's another wonderful track I'd never heard!

Corbett said...

Nicely formulated.