Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Listen to TRAVELIN' IN THE DARK by Bo Grumpus.

I've long since given up thinking that a music blog would be some kind of community where people show up and debate a particular song or the issues of the day. I think the lurker/commenter ratio is just too high for a low traffic blog. As long as I'm the one calling the tune, that's usually fine. But occasionally you do get a song where you wonder what people think of it. Is Travelin' In The Dark a really good, atmospheric, robust song and performance, or is it not? I've been listening to this one for more than a year and I can't really decide.

Bo Grumpus was a group out of Cambridge that taken under the wing of Felix Pappalardi (who would be producing Cream around this time), and it's mainly his production I can't figure. There are some expensive, cinematic flourishes here and there. Good, or too obvious? Hot or not?

Part of it is Pappalardi. You can't trust him. Cream was a good, interesting, band, but occasionally exhibited some appalling taste. And then Pappalardi went to Mountain! Talk about a tacky group. I love Mississippi Queen as much as anyone, but Mountain did a cover of today's song (which Pappalardi said was closer to his original vision), and it is possibly the most awful thing I've ever heard.

Photo: Car fire on First Avenue (2).



john said...

Alright, I'll bite....

This sounds like one of those South American tracks you had up a while ago - what that means, I dunno. Maybe that it's a little timid for a proper psych rocker?

I'm easily hooked by whisper lite vocals. Not sure what that means either!

The bass sounds good, which isn't surprising after reading about Felix P.

Atmospheric, but not robust.

bill said...

yeah, well, it's definitely lightweight. I guess to me it straddles the line between a successfully moody piece with a light touch, and something just plain forgettable.