Thursday, November 20, 2008


Listen to THERE IS NO MORE TO SAY by The Millennium.

Unfortunately, due to real life constraints, I don't have time to do a long write-up about, and thereby at least attempt to do justice to, the awesomeness of The Millennium.

Check back in the comments later for more detailed discussion, perhaps, but basically I'm firmly of the opinion that this album is the best 60s California pop record ("'Pet Sounds" for buddhist paranoiacs'") you haven't ever heard of. Think about that.

Photo: Neighborhood bracing (4).



Corbett said...

I think you are really overrating the Millennium.

bill said...

Maybe, but of all of the albums that "you've never heard of" meaning pretty d@mn obscure, what would be better? The Smoke, sure maybe, WCPAEB, possibly. It's not a huge category. And I just really do think that 5-6 tracks on "Begin" are super great pop.

Maybe you don't like his voice, which is a little Kevin Barnes-ish.

Corbett said...

Question is, who is singing?

I'd say "Joy of a Toy" fits that category.

bill said...

I'm a fan of "Joy of a Toy" but I don't think it qualifies as obscure "60s California pop"!

Corbett said...

Um, I thought the series was just about psych-pop favorites.

Jason said...

I like this - right up my street