Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Listen to SIXTH AVENUE STROLL by Twinn Connexion.

This one will definitely divide opinion. Actually, maybe that's too optimistic. You all may hate it!

But I like it, in a stuck-in-your-head sort of way. You couldn't dream up a more Carnaby Street Austin Powers sort of jam, the only thing is that these guys were from...Montana (!)

I like to imagine they came to New York on a school trip to see the Rockettes or something, and decided that the Avenue of the Americas was the most far our street in the world. Even though it's probably about some street in Canada where they shot a moose. It would make as much sense as the lyrics, to be fair.

Oh, and do check out the album cover.

Photo: Neighborhood bracing (2).


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john said...

Isn't that how everyone walks around the city? Pretty girl - green light - pretty girl - crazy people - pretty girl - cars - pretty girl - building coming down - pretty girl...

I especially like the line "There's a man with a funny cigar who's with a funny man and I'll bet that funny cigar doesn't understand." Couldn't have sung it better myself!