Friday, June 12, 2009

Heal The Pain

Green and Yellow Flags - Grand Opening
Listen to Heal the Pain by George Michael.

It seems that a challenge has been issued to come up with a few worthy singles from George Michael's sometimes maligned Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. One. Challenge accepted!

Now, I'm not saying I think this album is some kind of major lost masterpiece, but I do think it's a compelling time capsule from 1990 (please don't tell me that is really almost TWENTY years ago), with several songs ripe for mining. Let's face it, the guy knows his way around a catchy pop song!

Here's one of my favorites, Heal the Pain. Apparently none other than Macca shares my affection for this tune! I just found out that George Michael recorded a version of this song featuring Paul McCartney in 2005. Well, it is pretty Beatley. Ok Bill, thanks for letting me post that!



bill said...

how is that i've never heard this? pretty catchy

Laura said...

I know! that's what I've been sayin'!

Corbett said...

Damn, that was pretty good! If it weren't for that horrible acoustic guitar sound (acoustic pickup+DI=horribleness), I'd rate this pretty high!

John said...

How did I miss this conversation? Right up my alley, too. I bought LW/OPv1 for Freedom '90, but I can remember driving around listening to the following tracks and sooner or later singing along with them. Is there a LW/OPv2 floating around out there in the .rar-iverse?