Thursday, June 11, 2009


Listen to PRAYING FOR TIME by George Michael.

I'm stuck at home today, unable to shake off this cold (or swine flu) that's been dogging me all week, and hoping I can be more productive between naps than sitting miserable in my office. Mixed results so far, except for the naps.

Anyway, Laura was pestering me to do a retrospective on George Michael's "Listen Without Prejudice" album, but I honestly have no idea why. I've never claimed to think it was a criminally underrated secret masterwork, or anything like that. I told Laura that she should do the series if she wanted, but she's too busy chasing twins around to follow through!

Having said that, I have said that I liked the opening track on the album (today's selection), because I remember hearing it on the ferry between Copenhagen and Gothenburg and being relatively moved by it. This was in 1996, after nearly being sick in Dusseldorf, on a fairly pathetic trip by myself up to Norway, where I got rained on for three days and subsisted on a diet of sugar waffles I had packed in my backpack.

With the weather the way it is today (blah), my head the way it is (and blah), I'm naturally drawn to this song. I even had a sugar waffle for lunch! Good times.



Laura said...

hmmm, I feel a bit insulted.

bill said...

insulted??? I just wrote this long post about your album! this song is really the only one I know from that album anyway, unless there are more singles

bill said...

...though i do apologize if my teasing was off

Laura said...

ok, ok...not really insulted. more singles?? yes, there are more singles!

Penny said...

You're sick? Do you have a fever?

Love, Mom

bill said...

yes, unfortunately. fortunately, my fever's not in the "call a doctor immediately" range, though that's scant consolation at the moment