Sunday, June 7, 2009


El Barrio
Listen to HOW LONG by Ace.

This is a double dip sort of blog entry. First, Stu blipped this song awhile ago and encouraged me to find the mp3 version for him. Given my mastery of 70s AM radio, of course, I already had it. But now I've uploaded it for him.

Second, I was just at the Abbey on 105th Street with Corbett discussing a couple of things, (a) the awfulness of The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics, with lead vocal by Paul Carrack, and (b) how funny this photo is. So here's the photo, and a much better song with lead vocals by Paul Carrack



Laura said...

did you obey the sign?

Jason said...

At first I thought - dude has gone done my blip!!! Then I checked - I blipped it 3 days after you blogged it. Weird coincidence. I got the song in 2007 from some random place and again this year from Groove Armada's "Late Night Tales".