Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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Listen to TRANSPARENT DAY by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

I kinda thought that anybody reading this blog would be familiar with the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, but maybe not. I know some of you heard this particular song up at (Not)Big Pink a year or two ago, but let me give the briefest of synopsis for the WCPAEB (as they're known among the cognoscenti. possibly).

They were a psych pop collective based in LA. The driving force behind the group was a guy named Bob Markley, who seemed to be a bit of a self-deluded asshole. He was from Oklahoma. Anyway, they had a fairly healthy rotation of members through their first three (and only essential) albums, including a lot of fringe and not fringe at all characters on the LA music scene (notably Hal Blaine & Van Dyke Parks, but then they played on everything).

Richie Unterberger calls them the most "average psychedelic band." Which kinda fits, as long as you realize the highs are extremely high and the lows are extremely low. Transparent Day is one of the highs.



Jason said...

And there was I thinking I knew psychedelic.....Love it.

bill said...

i thought i had sent this to you sometime in the past? maybe not