Monday, March 10, 2008


Listen to CALL ME A LIAR by The Edgar Broughton Band.

Splat! THONK! thud! SKRONK!

One thing missing from this blog for quite a while, not just with Corbett's hot James Burton licks, is some real dirty, ugly, dumb ROCK. The kinda stuff teenage guys would listen to real loud at their buddy's house with some overpriced skank weed in 1971, 1986, 1992, 2008...

Like, if Deep Purple's "Machine Head" was just a little too sophisticated to be the greatest album of all time. In putting these tunes together, I've taken a lot of cues from writer Scott Seward, who has championed the sub-genre of Thud Rock: "late ’60s and early ’70s heavy stuff that time (mostly) forgot. Proto-metal albums that had one supreme goal: to blow your little mind."

I'm not going to stick to his criterion exclusively, so we're calling the music here "Dumb Rock." We hope you like it!

Our first selection is pretty dumb. The Edgar Broughton Band were a fairly popular band in turn-of-the-decade England, though critically reviled. Call Me A Liar is arguably the group's major achievement, an extremely... effective cross between T-Rex and Foghat. It really embodies where heavy rock music was going in the Seventies: ditching the "and roll" from rock, leaning heavily on its riffing (to be fair, it's a fantastic riff) to keep the song moving, stretching out the arrangement, adding some cod latin percussion, and sending it out to destroy.

Photo: Justice for 3,000 (1).



Penny said...

I am disappointed that you did not call attention to the fact that Broughton is your mother's maiden name but there is no relation between you and this group.

Bill said...

Those who know, know!

uncle billy said...

"Broughton is your mother's maiden name." That mean you didn't provide backup vocals?
"Machine Head" NOT the greatest album eva? News to me...

Bill said...

I'm tellin you, man, these songs are gonna definitely be in your wheelhouse