Thursday, March 13, 2008


Listen to SUPERNAUT by Black Sabbath.

Of all the groups we could feature in this series, Black Sabbath needs the least introduction. Everybody knows them. Evil satanic music your mom wouldn't let you listen to.

But Sabbath are fun! There's a significant minority of music dorks who think Black Sabbath are way, way, way underrated. And they have a point. You don't necessarily think of Sabbath as one of the greatest bands of all time, but have you ever blasted the "Paranoid" album over a jukebox? Magic, man.

More to the point, most people know and have an opinion about Iron Man, War Pigs, and Paranoid, but even most music fans have never bothered to dig into the band's catalogue, especially their first four albums. Big mistake. There's loads of great tunes that haven't been played to death, and Supernaut is possibly foremost among them.

Supernaut is from the band's fourth album (Vol. 4, conveniently), and it is a killer. Tony Iommi comes up with one of his best riffs, Ozzy is Ozzy, and Bill Ward and Geezer Butler never swing as hard as they swing here. Genius dumb rock.

And oh yes, Happy Birthday Corbett!

Photo: Justice for 3,000 (4).


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Jason said...

The version by 1000 Homo DJs was a staple in my DJing years