Monday, March 24, 2008


Listen to MAGIC by Pilot.

Hungover from a poor (Arsenal) weekend, it's time to dig into our stash of comfort music. When last we tucked into some Jukebox Classics, my interest was in obscure tunes that should have been hits and would sound great in a bar somewhere. This week, I'm going to share songs that are true jukebox classics. Songs that are well known but forgotten, songs that you can greet as a long lost friend.

Magic by Pilot certainly qualifies. Magic was released in October 1974, and made its way up the charts, reaching #5 in June 1975. As such, it could very well be the first song that ever got stuck in my head. I can't think of many better ways to pass the time that hum "o-ho-HO-it's-MAGIC!"

Anyway, let's end this post like this. I went looking around the internet for trivia about today's song, and in the process found possibly the strangest straight news article I've ever read:

Chikumbutso Mponda of Ntchisi is behind bars after he fell down from a magic plane on his way to his home village....

Kandiado said since it was at night and fearing for their lives, the convict and a friend decided to use a magic plane for the remainder of the trip.

"Unfortunately, Mponda fell from the magic plane after it flew over a house at Mponela Trading Centre, which was heavily protected magically," said Kandiado.
Photo: A new day on Wilburn Avenue.



Penny said...

I wonder why the brick on the right is a different color than the brick on the left.

Bill said...

Just a trick of the camera, I think!

soonergooner said...

Tricky cameras, thats it!