Thursday, March 20, 2008


Listen to THE NILE SONG by Pink Floyd.

This is probably the heaviest song that Pink Floyd ever recorded, at least until "The Wall." But there's an important point to make here. The Nile Song is dumb, but it's a good kind of dumb: stoopid lyrics, raw and committed performance... its only object is make you sneer like an idiot.

Compare that with the bad kind of dumb like on, say, Young Lust from "The Wall." That song is produced to within an inch of its life, the performances are totally contrived"hard rock," and the lyrics are supposed to make you think. In other words, really, really dumb.

Luckily, we're not classic rock radio, so we're giving you the real stuff. This is The Nile Song, from 1969, and very good.

Photo: Justice for 3,000 (8).


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