Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Listen to STILL DON'T (NOT YET) by La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata.

La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata was a heavy rock group from Guadalajara. How dumb were they? Well, their biggest hit (locally and in Europe) was a turgid seven-and-a-half minute jam titled Nasty Sex. This was in 1970. (Their follow-up, and last hit, was called Sh*t City.)

Fortunately for you, we're featuring the b-side to their big hit, Still Don't (Not Yet). It's still big and dumb, but in a good way. Only three minutes long, it rides a fat bassline, it has a really tight breakdown leading into a satisfyingly skronky guitar solo. If it wasn't so stoned, it could be as funky as the Stones.

Oh, and Happy Birthday John!

Photo: Justice for 3,000 (2).



John said...


And how do you keep finding these bands from spanish lands that sing in english?

Bill said...

You're welcome!

As for your question, I put in a decent amount of time before Christmas digging up blogs and things in this area, so 've got a good stockpile that's easy to replenish now