Monday, May 14, 2007


TOWN FEELING by Kevin Ayers.

If you like folky British psychedelia, this is the week for you. First up is the eccentric Kevin Ayers with the second track from his first solo album. I really like this song, and this album, but that's not to say these adjectives descriptions (outsourced from the All Music Guide) don't apply: tossed-off, nonchalant, tak[ing] it easy, laissez-faire sloth, intermittent lazy charm...

This is another album I got on the recommendation from the guys at Rocks In Your Head, and reminds me a lot of the summer of 2004.


Photo: School path.



Philip said...

Liverpool above Arsenal in the league. I believe you owe me 5 bucks. Small, nondenominational (sic) currency will be fine.

Bill said...

mailed it yesterday.

soonergooner said...

I've always found a bottle of pennies immersed in STP works well with such wagers... ;)