Wednesday, May 9, 2007


CANYON LIFE by The Rivals.

CITY LIFE by Harry Nilsson.

So listening to Canyon Life today I was struck that I picked the wrong song to post a Beach Boys track, because Corbett's vocals are pure Brian Wilson. But then I remembered what my point was going to be, which is this: The Rivals are already showing a real talent for, not mimicry exactly, but for inhabiting a style or a mood effortlessly but somewhat artificially. Canyon Life: Southern California, early Beach Boys. No problem. Even though these are all New York kids and Canyon Life is really dream life.

This all reminds me of Harry Nilsson, who could inhabit all manner of styles. I had been a Nilsson fan for an embarrassingly very long time before I discovered that Harry was a Brooklyn boy--I thought for the longest time he was an Englishman pretending to be Californian. City Life is one of Nilsson's earlier efforts, where he puts a lot of effort into the structure and arrangement of the song. To me it's brimming with artifice and sentimentality--and that's not a criticism. I love it and also admire the skill. For Amy, City Life is simply one of her favorite songs full stop.

By all means enjoy these two tracks and find your way to Lakeside Lounge tonight!

LISTEN to The Rivals.

LISTEN to Harry Nilsson.

Photo: Northeast Corridor (2).



corbett said...

A dream life is important...

Thanks for posting these songs.

Bill said...

...i can't think of much more important, for sure.