Friday, May 11, 2007


PRODIGAL SUN by The Rivals.


Short blog today since I'm on a guest computer down in DC. As many of you know, the gig Wednesday was lots of fun. That was my fuirst time seeing the whole band together (I guess it was everyone's first time?) and I thought they were pretty tight all in all. I did have the comment that it seems like Flood makes up all his solos as he goes along, but I like that.

Prodigal Sun is one they didn't play so I don't know if it's in favor with the group or not. That's too bad because it's decent. We picked it out to post because it's a little heavier than the first two, and people need to know the Rivals can rock out! The guitar freakout on this is ridiculous, and I mean that in the best way.

I matched it with Message From The Country. I don't know what to say about this, except it sounds like the heaviest song ever recorded by aliens. For real, it's so weird sounding to me, and I guess that's only because of a few specific productions decisions that I'm not expert enough to list expertly, but it goes something like this: the vocals sound like they were recorded by aliens, the guitars sound alien like, and the rhythm section is from another planet.

Enjoy your weekend!

*Edited for puns.

LISTEN to The Rivals.

LISTEN to The Move.

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corbett said...

"Prodigal Sun". I now hate this song for it's dumb punning.

Again, thanks for the posts!

Laura said...

But the song itself is so George Harrison-y that the dumb pun doesn't really matter!

Laura said...

I can't get the song by The Move to play. Is it working?

Bill said...

is it prodigal SUN? ouch. i'll change it then. it is a nice tune though.

Bill said...

Added the pun, and fixed the Move hyperlink.