Friday, May 25, 2007


OKLAHOMA RAG by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.

Bob Wills don't need an introduction. The only thing I'll say about him is you should pick up the four-disc "Legends of Country" box set. It's as comprehensive as you could like, and great liner notes--liner book, really.

A few months ago my friend Andrew and I went to see a friend of his play a show on the east side. His friend's name is Elana James, and she's got a little notoriety as the first woman to tour with Bob Dylan since the 70s. And boy can she play the fiddle. The first song she played was Bob Wills's Oklahoma Rag. She played Bob's fiddle part, plus all of the other horn parts. Very impressive, but necessarily missing the (apparent) easygoing approach the Playboys take. ("Apparent," because it's obvious these guys are absolute virtuosos, and that level of ensemble playing don't come easy).

Anyway, we're all off to Oklahoma for the weekend. Have a nice holiday yourselves!


Photo: End of the driveway.


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