Friday, May 4, 2007


DRUNKARD'S LAMENT by The Honey Brothers.


So we mentioned on Monday that Andrew has been trying to finish recording a solo album. We're looking forward to it, and are hoping that when he tours to support it, he schedules some gigs up in Maine so he can swing by our wedding!

Andrew's got another project he's been putting a lot of time into lately: The Honey Brothers. These guys--brothers, sorry--play a bunch of irreverent, tuneful pop songs, with surprisingly solid results. I recall getting their "Honey 4 U" record back in 2001 and being amazed at how tight and poppy it was. Drunkard's Lament is from that EP (now out of print looks like!), sung by Andrew, and borrowed from the "Anthology of American Folk Music" (known there as Drunkard's Special by Coley Jones). When I finally picked up that Anthology, Amy and I realized we knew half of the songs on it from Andrew's concerts.

LISTEN to The Honey Brothers.

LISTEN to Coley Jones.

Photo: New playground.


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