Monday, May 7, 2007

The Clientele at Maxwell's

Last night Windy, Philip, and I popped out to Hoboken to see the first date on The Clientele's American tour in support of their soon-to-be-released album, "God Save The Clientele." Of the record I've heard and like three tracks. The rest of the material was pretty good live (including one that sounded an almost note-for-note rip of Daydream Believer, no bad thing), but they had some sound issues and audience issues. The band before them seemed to have a decent following so when they decamped to the back of the room there was chatter and gladhanding all throughout the main set. No worries. Windy got to meet some of the band and they were nice!

Today's songs are coming, but I'm not going to post them until midday or so. See you then!



Anonymous said...

Windy does not need to become a groupie. - Mom

Philip said...

New Instrumentalist. I could be a groupie for her....possibly. But, I am too lazy. Bill, you seeing them at Bowery?

Bill said...

Who's opening for them? I could, but it's a while from now isn't it?

Philip said...

june 8. not that far ahead considering i bought these maxwell tickets like 2 months ago. beach house, pipas opening.