Monday, December 31, 2007


Listen to AYER CACHE LA QUEBRA' DEL AJÍ by Los Jaivas.

Happy New Year's Eve! Obviously it's still the holiday season and we're correspondingly getting low traffic at the moment, which is kinda too bad for these songs.

It's certainly no reflection on my opinion of Ayer Cache La Quebra' Del Ají. I think this is a thrilling piece of work, and I probably like it just as much if not more than the Jaivas track we put on the holiday mix, La Quebra' Del Aji Corre Que Te Pillo. The song we've posted today has a more pungent vocal that really appeals to me, but may need a few listens for others.

Los Jaivas are one of Chile's most famous groups, and they spent literally decades refining their Andean/prog folk sound. I've been trying without success to get more of their material, but there's always 2008...

Enjoy your parties tonight! We'll be back tomorrow and the rest of this week with just a few more South American selections before we move on to territories anew.

LATE UPDATE: What a mess! Thanks to a kind commenter, I went back and double-checked the tracklisting for my copy of "Todos Juntos," the album from which I took all of these tracks. Sure enough, it was all mislabeled. The track uploaded here is actually La Quebra' del Ají, not Ayer Cache. The actual song named Ayer Cache was mislabeled in my copy as Cuero y Piel, which I could have figured out was wrong if I had listened to the lyrics closer. Not having much Spanish, though, it's difficult. And so on. The song I had listed on the holiday mix as La Quebra' del Ají is actually titled Corre Que Te Pillo, so I suppose I'll have to go fix that! Anyway, the songs themselves are all the same, and it's quality through and through. I encourage you all to go find the whole thing. This place has it all correctly labeled, but the sound quality isn't as good as the mislabeled tracks you can find here. All apologies!

Photo: Jose Artigas, Trump Soho.



Flaco said...

hi brother!
i'm from Chile and i like Los Jaivas too...
If you want to know how Los Jaivas started their long and winding story,you will listen to "La Voragine" (A Collection Of Early Concerts in 1970) and "El Volantin" (their debut record... only 500 copies all around the world).

A correction now...the tune you upload to your blog is not "Ayer Cache" "La Quebra' Del Aji"..."

Good Luck And Long Live Rock!!!

A Gift To You:

Foto De Primera Comunion
(Photo of the first communion)

Los Jaivas walking down the streets of Valparaiso,Chile...the film was overdubbed with the "La Vida Magica,Ay Si"


Bill said...

¡Felíz Año Nuevo!

Thanks for the youtubes, those are excellent. Re: Ayer Cache, the tracklisting for my album must be wrong then, I'll try to fix that.

Bill said...

see late update to the main post.