Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Listen to EVERY NIGHT by Los Mockers.

Happy Boxing Day! We'll ease back into music here with some songs that didn't make it onto our Holiday mix for whatever reason. Today's selection is from Los Mockers, who we've already alluded to being the Uruguayan Rolling Stones, and here is the aural proof.

Like the Chocolate Watchband, the Mockers had their Jagger and Jones imitations down pat, which could yield some pretty good tunes in their own right, but could also leave them open to being mere copyists.

Every Night is one of my favorite Mockers tracks, and as so it sounds like good early Rolling Stones but with its own thing. It's a good arrangement and recording, how it comes straight into that ascending guitar line and leaves plenty of space for the drums and vocals to accent the groove.

See you back here tomorrow (hopefully, we'll be blogging from Maine) (hopefully, having beaten the sailors).

Photo: Federal courthouse, dirty window.


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