Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Listen to EL PINO Y LA ROSA by Los Shakers.

Somebody on the internet recently argued that the last album by Los Shakers, "La Conferencia Secreta del Toto's Bar," is 'better than Sgt Peppers and Pet Sounds put together.'

Now that's loco. But I tell you what, just like there are a litany of pop albums whose greatness wasn't recognized upon release (Forever Changes, Radio City, etc.), "La Conferencia" is ripe for examination.

As mentioned on Monday, Los Shakers were known as the Uruguayan Beatles in their day. But their day was 1965, and their sound aped "Meet The Beatles" era Lennon & McCartney. For some reason, though, the band went on a recording hiatus, and the music scene passed them by. Similarly to The Zombies, when they went to deliver their album to the label in 1968, the label rejected it, the group split up, and the album was stillborn.

What a shame. The music on "La Conferencia" is a revelation. Clever arrangements, brilliant modulations, gold plated melodies, confident incorporation of candombe and tango styles, great performances, great recordings. It's light years ahead of what made them famous.

We actually put two selections from this album on this year's Holiday Mix as a tribute to our infatuation. Anyway, see what you think. A real highlight: El Pino y la Rosa.

Photo: Downtown view.



Mayur said...

This track &#^&ing rocks! It may not be Son of Sgt. Pet Sounds, but it's pretty cool. Nicely Xmas-y title too!

Corbett said...

I agree with Mayur! I think this is the best song on your mix this year. And that title!

Bill said...

that's why it got the coveted #2 spot in the order. probably my favorite too, though i like the other shakers track almost as much