Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Citizen journalism!

Bus Gets Smashed By Evil Trump Soho

By How Long It Takes
Published: December 19, 2007

HUDSON SQUARE - Shortly before 9 a.m. this morning, the evil Trump Soho reached down and smashed up an innocent X6 bus that happened to be passing by.

Not content with rending the fabric of the historic and picturesque "Hudson Square" neighborhood, Trump Soho construction project seized on an opportunity to degrade and demoralize New York's famed public transportation system as well.

According to one eyewitness to the accident (whose account is obviously biased towards all things evil and Trump), the bus ignored verbal warnings and orange pylons to cut across Spring Street in order to reach its route up the Avenue of the Americas. The trip was cut short, however, when a crane load being lifted off a parked tractor trailer swung around and hit the bus, fracturing several windows and denting its frame. The eyewitness said, "He was too much in a hurry, now he's goin' nowhere!"

More photographs from the scene below the fold.



An alert reader .... said...

... that's actually an x6 bus, which is an express bus from Staten Island. Trump wouldn't hurt a Manhattanite! He only likes to stun them with shiny glass and steel.

Attacking the forgotten borough was clearly oedipal urge to destroy the memory of the work he did with his father in Grymes Hill and New Dorp.

Or maybe there were some terrorists on the bus and DT is a hero?

Bill said...

Earlier versions of this story mistakenly identified the victim as an M6 bus. The vehicle was actually an x6 bus. We regret the error. (Thanks, alert reader!)

Bill said...

Our story shows up in the real world news. Not surprisingly, our reporting wasn't properly credited!

Anonymous said...

trump is quickly destroying my view of the empire state building! i'm a renter, and obviously wealthy folks deserve the best views, not us lowly renters. i can't believe they let him build this eyesore! everyone should email the attorney general's office and complain.