Monday, December 10, 2007


Listen to EVERYBODY ON MONDAY by Laghonia.

Everybody on Monday is the first song we're featuring from this year's holiday mix, Everybody's Saying Music Is Love!

Just a few days before we set off for Maine, I was on the internet and downloaded this random album by a group from Peru I had never heard of, named Laghonia. I did a search on my favorite music board, I Love Music, and couldn't find anything on them (somebody says there's only two copies of the original album!) Unbelievable cos I was blown away by how good it is.

So the first thing on my list after we got back from getting hitched was to start collecting this stuff in earnest. We had already told the blog about We All Together, a group that has a small cult following as being among the best Beatlesque bands out there. Well, it turns out that all of the principal members of We All Together had previously been members of Laghonia, so it's no surprise that they sound alike.

Both bands are heavily into late period Beatles. But where We All Together's sound is more Badfinger/Gilbert O'Sullivan, Laghonia's sound is more stoned psychedelic. If you've ever heard Spirit's "The Family That Plays Together" (and you have), then you'll have a good idea what you're getting in to.

Everybody On Monday was written on the spot following an unusually hard rain in light and dry Lima. That spontaneity is reflected in a great recording--all George Harrison guitar and Hammond Organ (the only one in Peru!). Live, organic. And everything comes together in a wonderfully mellow extended coda.

It's just amazing this music is not more well known. So do your part and listen! :)

See you back tomorrow for more holiday mix tunes.

Photo: View of Manhattan Bridge through a screen.



Philip said...

They sing in very good english. Wonder if they are the children of the upper crust with good schooling. First 3 seconds sounds like Oasis. May you not have to put on 2 songs tomorrow.

Bill said...

Yeah one of those sources say that Laghonia were also the only band in Peru to have roadies and security. And one or two members were actually American. So upper crust, no doubt.

As for tomorrow, you really want to hear the next YNWA queued up. It's ridonkulous.

Bill said...

(laghonia's singer is peruvian though, just to clarify)