Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Listen to JERUSALEM by Ana y Jaime.

Jerusalem is the second song we're featuring from this year's holiday mix, Everybody's Saying Music Is Love.

Today we bring you another act whose exposure here is all out of proportion with their quality. For the life of me I can't find out the first thing about Ana y Jaime, except that they are sister and brother, and while they become a well known folk act in Colombia, they were only 15 and 17 when they recorded the album from which Jerusalem is taken. 15 and 17! But that's all we know! (It would help if we had the liner notes to the CD reissue, but we don't.)

Jerusalem has such a great melody and sturdy arrangement, I have a hard time believing these kids wrote it. At the same stage, I'm pretty sure it's not the same song as the English-language hymn. One way or the other, these two sing the hell out of it. They "harmonize as only people who are closely related by blood can" (that's Gram Parsons (possibly) via Corbett).

Listening to the mix, Amy awarded Jerusalem the title of "most beautiful song." No stronger endorsement can this humble blog offer...

Photo: View from Ayasofya.



soonergooner said...

Nice touch putting previous xmas albums above. LUCHO! Yeah! I'm sure W is dancing today upon hearing his FAV! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

nice having the net back. nothing like no work, no tv, no net, and ICE on everygdthingl!!! read a book, pushaw!

Mom said...

Glad to see your dad has the power back on. No need to read - sing Christmas carols to the dog. We've all been worried about the stay-at-home okies.

Loved "Jerusalem." Very, very nice tone and harmony.

Hope the ceiling is coming along.