Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Listen to GET BACK by Deirdre Wilson Tabac.

If anyone says that there's a better band than the Beatles, they're wrong. If anyone says there's a more influential band than the Beatles, they're wrong. And if anyone says there's a better cover of a Beatles song than the original, they're probably wrong. ...Unless they're talking about today's selection.

You may disagree, but I think the Beatles' version(s) of Get Back never really get off the ground, for whatever reason. There are bad vibes on that song, and Paul's voice annoys me on it.

Still, you wouldn't think many groups could improve on it, much less a no-hit wonder jazz-lite mixed gender ensemble. This is a group that no one would remember at all if it weren't for the rare groove scene's love of I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (the A-Side to Get Back's B-side) and Jazzman Records. But this is an inspired cover. It's light, but it's funky. It finds more hooks in the song than the original manages to do, and finds a better groove too. Highly recommended.

Photo: Cape Cod garden (3).


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