Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Listen to PENNY LANE by The Better Beatles.

When I picked this up off of WFMU, I really expected this song to be awful: "[T]his quartet from Nebraska in 1980 actually were trying to make the Beatles' music sound better. However you judge in terms of improvement, the attempt was done in a pure spirited way with a set of basic electronic elements, vocals, bass and drums, managing to project a sense of lofty artistic and definite postmodern design, but without pretentiousness."

I dunno, that sounds not so good. But it's awesome!

Having heard this cover, Penny Lane reveals a side of itself that even the original doesn't show. I'm not saying it's better than the Beatles, but I can listen to it eight times in a row, no problem.

Photo: Uptown (3).



Corbett said...

Pretty silly and has nothing to do with "Penny Lane". I think you've been had by a piss-take.

I don't really think this is a cover, do you? It's more of a recitation.

bill said...

phooey to you