Thursday, July 17, 2008


Listen to SAVOY TRUFFLE by Terry Manning.

Having typed and erased about 400 words trying to get this first line right, I can say without resort to metaphor that words cannot describe how rockin I think this cover of Savoy Truffle is.

It's ten minutes long, it opens with a weird Moog solo (played by Robert Moog, so there), has Chris Bell lurking about (Terry engineered and/or produced the Box Tops and later Big Star), was the opening track on a record specifically commissioned by Al Bell of Stax, has guitar solos and harmonica licks EVERYWHERE, Terry sings like Marc Bolan's tougher older brother...and did I mention this all goes on for ten minutes?

Photo: Ft. Tilden (4).



john said...

I bet the studio was a mess after that one!

Corbett said...

Absolutely horrible. I'm sure this left Chris Bell in tears...or looking up, fighting at the table or, um, you get the point.