Thursday, July 24, 2008


Listen to REVOLUTION 9 by The Durham Ox Singers.

This one is the one that gets the most questions when you say, "I have a cover of every Beatles song." They say, "You mean even songs like Revolution Number 9?!?!?!" YES! Even Revolution 9. And it wasn't even that hard to find. Also, it's pretty cool.

I'm one of those people who doesn't mind listening to Revolution 9 every so often. At times, in fact, I think it's pretty amazing, so you may not trust my judgment on this. But I quite like this cover, an a capella cover at that. It's kinda funny.

Photo: Uptown (4).



john said...

Yeah, but do you have a cover of "Carnival of Light"?

The King Of Music said...

Other outstanding versions of Revolution #9 have been recorded by:

The Shazam
Kurt Hoffman's Band Of Weeds,

and perhaps the best version of all by Mr Roboto: