Thursday, August 14, 2008


Listen to BO'S VACATION by Bo Diddley.

We're going on vacation for a few days, but thanks to the magic of FUTURE POST, the blog (and Bo) will keep you company while we're gone.

Bo, if someone from Mars came down to Earth and wanted to know what rock & roll was, how would you define it?

What did you say?

If someone from Mars wanted to know what rock & roll was, what would you tell them?

That's what I thought you said.

What I mean is, What is rock & roll in your opinion?

It's music, baby. Happy music. And classical music is music-music. In other words, classical music is the stuff by cats that have deceased, but their music lives on. Rock & roll is the other range, the other step. And I feel like my music will live on after I decease, too. But wait a minute — I ain't plannin' on goin' nowhere too soon, you dig? 'Cause I'm feelin' like the Rock of Gibraltar, brother.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Why? Where am I gone? I don't like that question, sorry. Being remembered, like I'm goin' out the door any minute…

…well, hopefully not.

Hee! I ain't goin nowhere, man. I am so superstitious about that, as I am about wills. When you do a will it tells me that you've just started descending into neverland. Understand me? That's my belief. Alot of people say I shouldn't think that way, but let them do it the way they wanna do it and I'll do it the way I wanna do it cos I ain't ready to pull the plug yet. I'm chained to the plug. You could walk around the corner and somebody could say to you "Man, Bo's just dropped dead". And you'd probably say "What? You're full of shit, I was just talkin' to him two minutes ago". But that's the way it is.

We never know when we're gone, and I'm very superstitious about playing around with anything that means I'm out the door for the last time. I'll talk about anything but that. See, I remember Sam Cooke sayin' that he was hangin' up his rock'n'roll shoes and this chick killed him. The chick shot him, man! To me, superstition, that means something. You dig?

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uncle billy said...

Have a great time on vacation, wish we were up there too! Lovin the Bo, got to see him a very few years back at the old Tower theater. They were contemplating turning it into some sort of dinner/theater/concert site that has yet to materialize. Still great, though that night he struggled with a lack of energy...