Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Listen to WINDY WEDNESDAY by Gordon Alexander.

It's a problem with music blogs (with reading them, and with writing them, to be perfectly frank), that every entry is like, "this is the greatestthingyou MUST LISTEN TO IT." So, one tries to be evenhanded in one's praise, and be honest about what you like and you don't, but it comes down to this: a blogger isn't going to waste all the time it takes to pick a song, upload the song, code the blog, write the post, and so on, if she's going to end up saying "here's a song I'm sharing with you I don't like it very much." What's the point?

Well, today, here's a song I'm sharing with you I don't like it very much. Some of you have picked up a theme to this week's posts, and that's why it's here. It's too bad, because I had high hopes for the album from which it's taken. It was produced by Curt Boettcher, late of The Association and The Millenium (which, thanks to John, I have been listening to nonstop for months). But, well, listen to the song for yourself. To me, it's an apparently unwitting parody of West Coast 60s psychedelia. Another title on the album, A Bunch of Us Were Sitting Around a Candle in San Francisco Getting Stoned and I Hope You're There Next Time, basically sums up how daft it is--the title isn't ironic, isn't a trippy sound collage or anything, it's a song about how a bunch of us were sitting around a candle in San Francisco getting stoned and how I hope you're there next time. Oh yes.

If it's any consolation, for once I'll rep today's photograph. I think it's the greatest thing you must look at it!

Photo: Manhattan towers (3).


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