Friday, August 15, 2008


Listen to L'AMOUR EN WAGON by Michel Delpech.
Listen to POUR UN FLIRT by Michel Delpech.
Listen to SHAMI-SHA by Mort Shuman.

John back again. In honor of the Olympics, I had a little contest of my own this past week. The competition was Frivolous French Pop. And, to be true to (admittedly past) Olympic form, the amateurish aspect was respected, and only current library tunes qualified – so no surfing for glory. The medalists are:

Bronze – Michel Delpech for “L’Amour En Wagon”. Narrowly beating out Patric Jouvet’s “La Musica”, “L’Amour En Wagon” is a light ditty about train dirty. He loves it and the effort shows with the bronze.

Silver – Michel Delpech for “Pour Un Flirt”. One man, two medals… good job Michel! Presumably, the chronology suggest ‘Flirt’ before ‘L’Amour’, but the La la la’s, the coronets, and the player piano sound bring the added je ne sais quoi to put it into Silver position.

Gold – Mort Shuman for “Shami-Sha”. Although born in Brooklyn, he saved his best stuff for the English and the French, and ‘Shami’ is the best today. Wonderfully frivolous (and in French) it just seems to glide over the ears. Anything more would be less.


Photo: alps.


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