Monday, August 25, 2008


Listen to (LOVE LIVES ON A) WINDY HILL by The Futures.

I'm trying to come up with a song, as a basis for comparison, that is as calm, as placid, as this song by The Futures. Well, since a song-based metaphor is failing me, let's try something different. I listened to this one about six times in a row, and it was like having a soft fan blowing gentle pulses of air over you. If you've ever had trouble sleeping, and been up an hour or two, it was like that moment right before it happens when you realize that you're finally falling asleep after all that. Relief and bliss.

(Love Lives On A) Windy Hill is from 1975:

The first LP issued by The Futures -- a fine Philly vocal quintet who'd recorded a number of singles earlier in the 70s, but who finally cracked the LP racks with this 1975 release! The group's got harmony chops that are plenty strong -- with an ability to hit both a sweet soul sound and a deeper righteous groove that was being used by some of the funkier groups at the time.
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john said...

That was a perfect description!

Something about those soft and steady bongos... Reminds me of William DeVaughn's Be Thankful for What You've Got, but with ()Windy Hill everything just fits and blends together so seamlessly that it's difficult to compare.

uncle billy said...

So, is this Windy week?

Anonymous said...

EVERY week should be Windy week, imo